Record, January 8th, 2019

Warkworth WI Meeting January 8th 2019

Serena Coulter, our President welcomed 29 members and 1 visitor to our January meeting.

We sang Jerusalem and Judy Townshend read the record of the December meeting which was the Christmas party.

There were no matters arising so Serena signed the record.

In her remarks, Serena mentioned the membership cards that are inside the voucher booklets; the Summer outing will be a coach trip on the 10th July to Stanhope and the Durham Dales; the trophy cabinet will be removed when the Hall is refurbished and notices will be displayed on the new shared noticeboard in the Foyer; the monthly competition points system was explained and a prize would be presented to the winner while the fine for not entering would be raised from 2p to 5p and all proceeds would go to ACWW.

There was no new correspondence so Judy Townshend simply reminded members briefly of current events in the coming weeks.

The Book Group had met that afternoon, the Craft Group will meet on the 15th, the Bowls Group will meet on Thursday 10th and they need more members to join in and the Plastics Group will meet at Anne Cashmore’s on Tuesday 22nd January at 10 am.

Announcements: the BBC 4 programme ‘Pubs, Ponds and Towers’ featuring Warkworth Village will be broadcast on January 22nd; The ‘Hub’ will meet at the URC Hall on Jan 30th.

Anne Cashmore won the birthday flowers.

Next meeting will be Feb 5th, Jannick Geneau from ‘A Taste of Northumberland’ – gin tasting and nibbles, competition a jar of jam.

Serena introduced the theme for the evening’s discussion: NFWI Resolutions for 2019. Members were asked to write their ideas for possible future national resolutions in the Suggestions Book.

This year there are 6 resolutions that we could vote for. Members of the committee read out each resolution with some background information and members asked questions or commented on each one. Sitting in groups of 4 for further discussion every member voted for the one Resolution they felt most strongly about. The voting papers were collected in and all the votes will be sent to Cresswell House where an overall vote of Northumberland members will be sent to National Headquarters. In June, at the National Annual Meeting a further vote will take place and the winning Resolution will hopefully influence those in authority.

Marion Jones had prepared a quiz all about Northumberland so while we enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee, prepared by Penny Mason and committee members we had fun in our groups thinking of the answers. The winning team were given a box of Quality Street chocolates to share.

The competition, a topical poster, was judged by Helen Wilson and the winner was Jan Shotton who was presented with a shopping trolley token. Kate Burnham was second and Pat Dodd third.

The raffle was drawn and the meeting closed. The committee were grateful to the members who stayed to help put away the tables and chairs.