March 2016

Warkworth WI news March 2016

For the March meeting President Marion Jones welcomed 39 members and 3 visitors. We now have 61 fully paid up members which is very pleasing and Marion reminded everyone that their membership card could be found inside their WI voucher booklet and therefore to be careful not to throw it away! National raffle tickets were available to buy and again the first prize will be £10,000. There will be a group photo in May for all those present at our Annual Meeting. The June meeting would be a three course dinner at The Old Boathouse in Amble and at the April and May meetings a board would be circulated in order that members could sign up, make their menu choices and if possible make the payment. The ACWW envelope was to be circulated so that those who did not contribute last month would have the opportunity to do so. Marion explained the meaning of ACWW, (Associated Country Women of the World) and that the fundraising we do contributes to helping women all over the world in many ways. Valerie Bell won the birthday flowers – and the competition for a hand-made gift was won by Veronica Lound, second was Helen Wilson and third was Linda Bell.

Marion introduced our speaker, Sarah Weightman and her assistant Ruth, who were from Everlong, a local business in Amble. Sarah gave a very entertaining and informative talk and demonstration about her chalk paint products and techniques. She transformed household items, such as a photo frame and candle stick, simply by painting with the clever, easy to use and quick-drying paints. She and Ruth also demonstrated making a lampshade from a kit. Sarah told us of how she has worked extremely hard to build her business and that she won first prize in a prestigious business award competition. Keen interest was shown by our members with many questions. June gave a vote of thanks on our behalf.

The next meeting is on Tuesday April 5th on the topic of ‘Tyneside Humour’ and the competition is for a humorous poem.