2019 Letter to Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP

The letter was given to our M.P. at our meeting on June 21st, in Alnwick and also sent to her by email. There are 2 pages – an introduction and the issues raised. Mrs Trevelyan was welcoming, friendly and positive in her attitude to our concerns. Further feedback will be given in due course.



June 20th, 2019

Dear Mrs Trevelyan,

We write to you from Warkworth Women’s Institute [W.I], in your constituency, ahead of the UK’s biggest climate and environment mass lobby, ‘The Time Is Now’, on 26th June in Westminster. Representatives are meeting you in Alnwick on Friday 21st June, to talk to you about climate change and tackling plastic pollution, and asking you to take strong action. We will be presenting you with a petition signed by a cross section of our local community.

We ask you for your assistance and support in addressing the issues detailed overleaf.

Please keep us up to date with your comments and actions and provide feedback to this group at warkworthwi.secretary@gmail.com

This letter and a precis of this meeting will be published on our website https://warkworthwi.wordpress.com/ and in our Facebook group.

Yours sincerely,


Members of these groups signed the petition

Warkworth W.I. Amble W.I

Harbour Lights, Amble Community Choir


Warkworth Primary School,

Warkworth History Society

St Lawrences Church and Amble Churches

Friends of the Earth

Northumberland Widlife Trust

Parents and teachers at the Duchess School, Alnwick


We thank you for your endorsement of the new Maritime Conservation Area along our coast and your comments about disposable coffee cups. We ask you for your assistance and support in addressing the following issues.

Carbon emissions

  • We acknowledge the announcement last week by the Secretary of State for the Environment, of the proposal to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe that achieving this goal requires a statement of short term and medium term targets. Will you show your committment to tackling climate change by calling for such targets?
  • We ask that you vote against proposals for fossil fuel extraction by campaigning against fracking operations and the proposed opencast at Druridge Bay; and that you show your support for the development of alternative fuel sources and technologies.

  • We have seen that there is a cross party joint letter signed by MPs supporting net-zero emissions. Have you signed this letter? If not, will you sign it?

Plastic Pollution

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes [NFWI], together with Friends of the Earth, have called for an Action Plan which commits to near zero plastics pollution by 2042, and the phasing out of unnecessary single-use plastics by 2025, to be included as part of the Environment Bill.

  • We acknowledge government efforts to tackle certain single -use products but there is an urgent need to have a strategic and systematic way to produce and use less plastic. We ask you to work towards this by putting pressure on relevant bodies to encourage manufacturers and retailers to produce goods with much less packaging.


Supermarket fruit and vegetables are often more expensive bought loose than packed in plastic bags or on trays. An example of peppers from Tesco was given in the BBC programme “War on Plastic with Anita and Hugh”

  • We ask you to campaign to equalise the prices, enabling all income groups to afford good quality items, free from plastic packaging.


Our legacy, and yours, must be to leave a cleaner, more secure world for future generations; therefore these actions need to be taken now, before it is too late.

Where do you stand on these issues?