January 2018 meeting

Warkworth WI Meeting January 9th 2018

Our president, Serena Coulter wished us all a healthy and happy new year as she welcomed 31 members, 2 new members, (Angela and Marion) and 1 guest, (Margaret) to our January meeting. We sang Jerusalem. Judy Townshend read the record of the Christmas party meeting held on December 5th. Serena told us that Margaret Burrell had been very happy to receive her birthday card from us for her 96th birthday.

She reminded us that this month we would all be voting for our preferred Resolution and that in January 2019 there would be a members’ meeting when more time would be allocated to a discussion before voting. This evening a board would simply be circulated with magazine notes depicting the various choices. Judy will notify Cresswell House of the Resolution for which we gave the most votes.

The next meeting will be on February 6th, a members’ meeting when we will be discussing the Poppy Project and paying homage to the Suffragette Movement as we celebrate 100 years since women were granted a vote.

The birthday flowers were won by Joyce Marley.

Kate Burnham introduced our speaker for the evening, Nick Lividas. Nick is a practising physiotherapist who works for the company ‘Physiotherapy Matters’ based in Ponteland. He told us that between 40 -50% of British adults suffer from aches and pains, most commonly in the back, knees or shoulders. He suggested that it is best to keep moving and only have short rests if pain is bothering us. Simple exercise is vital; inactivity is dangerous for our health. Nick recommends we do 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, so that we are slightly out of breath and sweating, e.g. walking briskly uphill, cycling or brisk housework. Nick distributed some elastic exercise bands and we had fun doing a few simple stretching and strengthening exercises. He told us that exercise improves physical and mental health. The talk was interesting and informative and a great start to the new year when many of us have resolved to be fitter and more active.

Serena gave a vote of thanks.

The raffle was drawn. Tea, coffee and biscuits were served by Sylvia Capron and Rachel Parks.

Nick judged the competition (an unusual New Year resolution); Pat Wood came first with

Meet everyone with a smile - you’re not fully dressed without one” 

Helen Wilson second and Christine McDonald third. It was lovely to see so many members who had braved the very cold, damp weather and the meeting was a great start to 2018.