Feedback from meeting with Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Warkworth women lobby their M.P. about climate change!

Members of Warkworth W.I. and supporters met Anne- Marie Trevelyan at her Alnwick office, to discuss their concerns about climate change, carbon emissions and plastic pollution. Inspired by the Climate Coalition Mass Lobby “The Time is Now” in Westminster, they presented a petition signed by members of their local community and a letter outlining certain issues. Mrs Trevelyan was sympathetic to their cause, sharing similar concerns. They all acknowledged the actions taken so far, with particular praise for the work of groups of young people, such as Litterbugs and the Eco Club at Warkworth Primary School.

The group called for the setting of short and medium term targets for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, as proposed recently by the Secretary of State for the Environment. Mrs Trevelyan pointed out that the infrastructure to deliver this was not yet in place, giving the example of few electric car charging stations in the area. She agreed that new housing should be more efficient but criticised the building industry for not being more responsible and building new houses with solar panels and other alternative technologies.

She, and many of her fellow Parliamentarians, are supporting the reduction of single use plastic in their personal lives, as are many consumers, but the group pointed out that it is manufacturers and not consumers, who must make systematic changes to packaging and use much less plastic wrapping for goods. Again we argued for legislation to reduce packaging and pointed out how legislation had worked with seat belts, smoking and charging for plastic carriers.  Since plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables are cheaper than unwrapped items in supermarkets, the women asked Mrs Trevelyan to campaign to equalise the prices so all income groups could afford good quality food, free from plastic.

The group stressed the urgency of their concerns and Mrs Trevelyan agreed to keep the group up to date about her actions.