Poppy decorations ’19


A dedicated band worked in the rain to decorate the bridge and the Memorial Hall for November commemorations. There have been many appreciative comments so well done and thanks to everyone for hard work in putting them up and in the making of them. Wonder how many there are……

Next meeting, Nov 5th


“Remember, remember the 5th of November….. “

  the date of the next W.I. meeting when Sheila Trafford is coming to show us some Scottish Dancing. All are welcome to come and possibly have a go?  or just watch as long as you don’t laugh at participants too much!

There is a pooled supper and the competition is for homemade shortbread [any shape]


Poppies on the bridge’19


Calling All Volunteers!       We are putting out the poppy display [like last year] tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 30th ’19 at 10 a.m.  Many of last year’s team are not able to be there this time so we are calling out to you to come and help us in our task. There were many appreciative comments last year!

Shoeboxes and October Meeting

A dedicated band met on October 15th to pack shoeboxes. After much discussion about the destination for this year’s donations, it was decided to send the boxes and  bags of toiletries to a women’s refuge in Northumberland. Many knitted items have also been donated. Well done, everyone!

An interesting talk on October 1st, from Mark Child from the Forestry Commission – see the meeting record for full details

October meeting record

Refill your plastic bottles


The World of Difference shop in Alnwick  on Narrowgate, will refill your plastic bottles with their eco-friendly cleaning products. The price list for 100ml is on the poster above and as long as you know how much your bottle holds, you can buy as much or as little as you like.  Try a sample……..  you might never need to buy plastic bottles of cleaning products again!