Annual meeting, May 7th, ’19


President, Serena Coulter welcomed 25 members, and a federation adviser, Mrs. Prudence Marks to our Annual Meeting. (Numbers were low due to some members attending a residents’ meeting about the Neighbourhood Plan.)

Jerusalem was sung.

In her President’s Remarks Serena told us she had attended the Northumberland Fed. Annual Meeting on April 6th when Hilary Robson announced she had stepped down and Marj Reid was to be our new Federation Chairman.

Serena and Judy had attended Anne Pringle’s retirement event at Stannington. A new federation secretary, Nancy Gash has been appointed.

The coffee morning in aid of Hall funds had raised £500 of which our produce stall contributed £150.

Serena requested that everyone should wear their badge to help us remember each other’s names.

Serena continued by reading a letter on behalf of Pat Dodd thanking everyone for their care and concern during her family’s shocking recent events.

Judy Townshend read out the correspondence:

Polymer clay, Powertex and enamelling craft days at various venues; Grisly Tales walks in Newcastle; invitations from Lesbury and Widdrington WIs.

Helen Wilson won the birthday flowers.

Bowls Group: meetings officially finished until September but will meet fortnightly at Artique starting on 16th May.

Book Group: next meeting at June Carruther’s house at 2 pm on May 14th.

Craft Group: Tuesday May 21st, 2 pm in the Hall, continuing to make sanitary towels for an African charity.

Plastics Group: May 14th at 11 am at Anne Cashmore’s house. To support the nationwide lobby of Parliament, Anne asked if members would sign a petition that will be sent to our local MP.

Jan Shotton won the competition, finding the most words of three or more letters from the word ‘Jerusalem’.

The raffle was drawn.

The next meeting will be on June 4th with Paul Mien, a local poet. The competition is ‘a short poem’.

June Carruthers gave a vote of thanks to the committee for all their work this year.

The annual meeting followed. (See ‘Annual Meetings’)

2019 Annual Meeting May 7th 2019

Serena welcomed Prudence Marks who presided over our Annual Meeting.


Pat Dodd presented the treasurer’s Report which is on file. We have £1834.07 in funds. The report’s adoption was proposed by Sylvia Capron and seconded by Alison Holland.

Roger Black, who has audited our finances for some time is retiring, therefore Judy Townshend will contact a new Independent Financial Examiner.


Judy Townshend read the report which is on file. The adoption of the report was proposed by Judy Townshend and seconded by Colette Conway.


Serena Coulter read the President’s Report. It is on file.


As no committee members were stepping down there was no need to elect new members. Pat Dodd and Judy Townshend agreed to continue as Treasurer and Secretary.


Prudence Marks passed voting slips round and invited members to write down their choice of president. She later announced that Serena Coulter was elected as our new president and there was a big round of applause.


Prudence Marks commented on the support our members show to each other. She emphasized the caring community that we belong to and suggested that as a WI we need to continue to help and support the committee who need more members in future to share the workload.


Prudence talked about the first proposed Resolution, the need for local bus services in rural areas. A vote was taken and 19 supported the motion with one vote against. Prudence continued to discuss the second proposal, ‘Don’t Fear the Smear’. There was some discussion and members voted unanimously to support it. These votes will be conveyed to our delegate at Acklington WI who is attending the National Annual Meeting in Bournemouth.


Serena thanked the adviser for coming to our WI.

Prudence presented Jan Shotton with the Warkworth WI Competition Cup and framed certificates for Helen Wilson and Anne Grace who together won the Federation Bowls Competition.


A delicious pooled supper was shared.