Jan 8th 2019 meeting

The competition at this meeting was for a topical poster Jan Shotton was 1st, Kate Burnham 2nd and Pat Dodd 3rd


On January 8th members met to discuss and vote on the 2019 Resolutions put out by the National organisation. 6 issues were presented briefly by Committee members, resulting in interesting comments and discussion by small groups of members. While votes were being counted, the same groups did a quiz about Northumberland, set by Marion Jones, and enjoyed refreshments. Votes are counted nationally but, in Warkworth W.I., the majority favoured the resolution emphasising the importance of trees. Anne Cashmore was given the birthday flowers. The competition featured posters on topical issues and Jan Shotton was the winner, Kate Burnham 2nd and Pat Dodd 3rd. The competiton in February is for a jar of jam.

The next meeting is February 5th with Jannick Geneau from ‘A Taste of Northumberland’ We are hoping for gin tasting! Alternatives and nibbles will also be available.


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