Oct 2nd summary

For more details go to the full report October 2018 meeting

Kate introduced our speaker who, with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation told us about the plant, Aloe Vera. Julie talked about her own experience and how Aloe Vera extract has helped her overcome symptoms of M.E. It can be ingested or applied to the skin. Julie is a great advocate of its healing and soothing properties and she showed us the many creams, ointments and drinks that she had brought for us to learn about. It was an illuminating talk that demonstrated the power of alternative therapies.

The birthday chocolates were won by Rosie Adams. The competition,a beauty tip, was won by Kate Burnham, 2nd – Jan Shotton, 3rd- Pat Dodd.

The next meeting, on November 6th will be a commemoration of the end of WW1 and there will be a talk by Sarah Reay, an author, together with Beverley Palin, playing her trench organ. Guests from other WIs and Mr and Mrs Watson from the British Legion have been invited and there will be a pooled supper.


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