Tiny Lives!


 September 4th Meeting

Serena Coulter welcomed 37 members, including new member, Yvonne Goddard, 2 visitors from Inner Wheel and our speaker, Louise Carroll. Serena began her remarks with the sad news that two previous members, Caroline Stamp and Sally Barwise had both recently died. Our WI has been active throughout the summer: – the poppy display at the British Legion WW1 Exhibition when we provided refreshments and the Warkworth Show where several members were involved. Serena congratulated Pat Dodd and Helen Wilson on winning trophies at the show and Kate Burnham, who won the WI salver for the best posy in WI colours. We had 2 teams in the Federation quiz heats and both are through to the final on October 25th. Louise Carroll spoke about the ‘Tiny Lives’ charity which works in the region from Berwick to the Yorkshire border and Cumbria. We were told that the NHS at the RVI provide the expert staff, the hospital itself and the incubators, but the charity provides some specialist equipment and huge support for the parents and families of premature babies. Our members were amazed at how much the charity provides and so moved by her talk that a spontaneous collection was made, raising £95.15. Ann Cashmore gave a vote of thanks and presented the donation, together with masses of tiny knitted hats and blankets, made by our members. Groups gave their reports, with members of the Plastics group showing us a Guppy bag for trapping micro-fibres in the washing machine and plastic bowl covers to use instead of cling film. The competition for a childhood memory was won by Elaine Davies, Valerie West 2nd and Pat Dodd 3rd. For more details from this meeting, click on the website    warkworthwi.wordpress.com/tiny-lives-in-september

Next meeting – October 2nd – a talk on Aloe Vera. NB no pooled supper as previously stated on programme.                The  competition is for ” A beauty tip”




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