May 1st, 2018, Meeting

This was both the business meeting and the Annual Meeting, presided over by Northumberland Federation Adviser, Ann Dixon.  [for detailed  report  click here]

Pat Dodd was congratulated on her success with her baking at Alnwick Spring Show. Names were requested for the evening meal at the Coach Inn at Lesbury on July 3rd, the visit to Northumberlandia on June 21st and ” Down your Way” at Longhoughton/Boulmer.

The June 5th meeting is a members’ meeting and we will be visited by members of the Flower Club  who will help us to make posies in Suffragette/W.I. colours [green/white/purple].  This will inspire us for our entry into Warkworth Show in August.

The Annual Reports were presented and adopted and after discussion, we voted in favour of this years’ Resolution to go to the National AGM in June –  “Mental Health Matters”. Requests for additional Committee members were made and Serena Coulter was elected as  President for the year 2018-2019.

The competition was for an item using 50g of wool.

Jan Shotton won, Pat Dodd 2nd and Angela Jefferies, 3rd.

Pat Dodd was presented with The Competition Cup for the most points in the year .The Cup was given to the W.I. by her mother and aunties.


Kate Burnham was 2nd and Audrey Jones, 3rd.



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