Christmas Party – tomorrow!


Harbour Lights, Amble’s Community Choir, singing at the Harbour Village,           Mauretania Day, July 2017

Entertainment at Warkworth W.I.’s Christmas Party will be provided by the Harbour Lights Choir. See you there!

Don’t forget – there is a pooled supper provided by members, the competition is for 3 home-made mince pies, there will be a members hamper raffle [bring  donations, get a ticket] and you will need to bring crockery, cutlery and a wine glass!

In January, we need to be choosing the 2 resolutions we want to put forward. These are out-lined in the most recent issue of W.I. Life [December/January]. Please have a read and be ready to vote, or bring in the voting slip to the meeting on

January 9th [ N.B. second Tuesday not the first!]

You can also access the resolutions and get more information at


or log into  My WI

Northumberland News available at


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