2017 meetings/February

Warkworth WI news February 2017

President, Marion Jones welcomed 23 members to our to our special members’ meeting, the focus of this was the art of marmalade making, since the Warkworth WI class in the Warkworth show is for a jar of marmalade. After the business meeting which consisted of notices from Cresswell House, a reminder about subs and early notification of the annual trip out in June, members shared their various tips on making marmalade. Some members had each brought a jar, explained how they made it and then circulated it for tasting on toast soldiers. It was interesting to see and taste how a mix of Seville oranges, sugar and water could produce different flavours and textures, depending upon the recipe followed. It was agreed that all the marmalades sampled were delicious and that the show contest would be hard fought!

Sylvia had prepared a food quiz which members completed whilst have a cup of tea. The winning team, captained by Helen Franklin, shared the prize of a box of chocolates with members. The birthday flowers were won by Elaine Davies and the competition for three jam tarts was won by Linda Bell.


Our next meeting is on Tuesday March 7th when we will receive an update on progress of the Hauxley nature reserve. The competition is for a handmade toy animal.

On Tuesday February 14th 14 members met to have a craft afternoon with a focus on making items for charity. We saw examples ranging from tiny patchwork quilts (the Linus project), knitted hats for premature babies and mastectomy drain bags. St Valentine’s day was also the ‘green heart’ day with different green hearts made and worn to draw attention to our environment. A productive and social afternoon was enjoyed by all.