2017 meetings/ Summer reports

Warkworth W.I. – Summer Reports, 2017

May – Annual Meeting The Vice-President welcomed members, 2 new members and 2 advisers from the Federation. The monthly business was efficiently dealt with and the Competition cup for the most points during the year was awarded to Audrey Jones. The birthday flowers were won by Helen Wilson.

The business of the Annual meeting began with reports from Treasurer, Secretary and the President’s written report. Our adviser commented that we had experienced a successful year, both financially and in the variety of events offered to members.

The resolutions to go forward to the National AGM were read, discussed and voted upon. The first, called for action to raise awareness of the impact of micro-fibres, from the washing of manmade garments, on the “plastic soup” polluting the oceans. This was given almost unanimous support.

The 2nd resolution called on W.I.s to work alongside health and social care providers to help alleviate loneliness. A discretionary vote on this resolution was given to be used by Kate Burnham, the Link Delegate for the National AGM in June.

2 committee members were standing down, as was the President, Marion Jones. Serena Coulter was elected as President for 2017-18 and the remaining committee members will serve for another term.

Votes of thanks were offered and a delicious pooled supper was shared. Audrey Jones won the evening’s competition, with her beautifully embroidered representation of a proverb.

June _ The Outing 30 members of Warkworth W.I., 10 guests and 7 Amble W.I. members departed, by coach, on a days outing. First stop, was Kirkharle for refreshments and a look round – in the rain! The day’s meeting took place back on the coach with notices of groups and correspondence. Birthday chocolates were won by Elaine Spowart and there was a raffle.

The driver then took a scenic route with glimpses of the views between the rain showers. We all agreed that he should have a medal for negotiating several tight bends and the narrow roads!

Next stop was lunch at the Cook and Barker- a lovely meal at a reasonable price.

A happy day, good journey, good food and good company!

Next meetings – July 4th 7.30pm “Quilting around the World”

August 1st – No evening meeting , informal afternoon tba