2017 Meetings/December

Warkworth WI Meeting Record, December 5th 2017

The hall looked very festive with white cloths and crackers on the tables, serviettes in WI colours of green and purple and table decorations. The walls were decorated with bunting and the dressed Christmas tree stood on the stage.

Serena Coulter welcomed 32 members and 2 visitors as well as 16 members of the Harbour Lights Choir to our Christmas Party.

Jerusalem was sung.

Serena remarked that the World Kindness Day event on November 13th had been a great success with about 50 members of the public attending our free coffee morning.

She outlined our plans for the Coach Inn competition taking place on February 25th and said that three members had volunteered to make the food but if anyone else wanted to be involved they would be very welcome.

29 shoeboxes have been filled for the Christmas charity and £50 raised for carriage.

Serena reminded members that in January we would be voting on the Resolutions set by NFWI so she asked if we could read about them in this month’s copy of WI Life.

The coach taking us to the Christmas Celebration at Hexham Abbey will arrive at Warkworth at 9.30 am on the 14th, lunch is booked at the Abbey Refectory and Judy Townshend will bring the Abbey entrance tickets.

Dorothy Groves won the birthday flowers.

Judy Townshend read just two pieces of correspondence: a thank you card from Margaret Burrell and an invitation to the Northumberland Federation birthday party; members were asked if they would like to go.

Group reports: book group at Pat Wood’s house on the 12th at 2 pm; no craft group this month; bowls group meet as usual on the 14th and 21st December.

Announcements: Pat Dodd reminded us that subs must be paid in January. Letters had been given out detailing ways to pay and with a gift aid form included.

The next meeting will be on January 9th and Nick Lividas will talk on “Suffering Aches and Pains”.

The short business meeting completed, Serena announced the party could begin.

The Harbour Lights Choir sang some beautiful songs that they had been rehearsing recently.

A delicious pooled buffet supper with wine was enjoyed by everyone as we puzzled over the Christmas quiz that Sylvia Capron had set.

Some of the choir members tasted the competition mince pies and Gillian Bell was voted the winner, Joyce Marley second and Valerie West third. Elaine Davies’ mince pies were highly commended.

There was more singing from the choir, this time some atmospheric Christmas songs sung with the lights dimmed and we joined in with the well-known favourites.

Serena thanked the choir for their contribution to our party and she wished us all a Happy Christmas.